About Cosmo:

I am a 30 something who fits in knitting around my full time job.  I started knitting as a child and after quite a long break, I have gone back to it as my friends started to become parents and I wanted to give a personal gift to their babies. Since then, I’ve added a little person to my family too which has proven challenging to keep up the knitting but as I write, it’s 2019 and I think I’m back!

About my blog:

My blog was initially designed to help me keep all my knitting things in one place.  Sites like Ravelry are great but when I want to find the tutorial I found on the internet for a technique I used 12 months ago, I have had to go back to Google.  Sometimes I can’t find what I’m looking for (probably because of the convoluted way I got there) so I’m going to publish the links in my blog and voila, I’ll know exactly where to find them.

Thank you for stopping by,


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