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Babynip DPNs

Knitting needles in Cosmo Castle appear to be made of a baby/toddler version of catnip. (I can’t quite get my head round calling Little Prince a toddler and as he’s decided shuffling around on his knees is preferable to toddling on his feet I guess he’s also happy to be my baby for a while longer.) The dpns seem to have a double strength dose of babynip. To make sure Little Prince still has eyes I’ve had to put the Elijah I’m knitting down for a while so I’ve only managed one arm in a week. Long gone are the days when an Elijah would be finished in a week. In a rare turn of luck Little Prince has gone to sleep quickly this evening so another arm is coming up.


If ever you need a reason to buy your patterns…

Little Prince was being christened. Cosmo set about making a christening shawl. The world conspired against Cosmo. Christening shawl didn’t make it to the christening and then it gets worse.

So this is probably my most frustrating project ever. I picked a pattern from the internet for Little Prince’s christening shawl. A free pattern but not because it was free, because it was my favourite (and crochet because of the time pressure).

My first fail was to order the yarn from a web store. I did this because getting to a local yarn store was difficult with Little Prince being tiny. Unfortunately and unusually for a delivery from Wool Warehouse, the yarn took quite a while to arrive and when it did arrive, it was it the colour I ordered. Queue another wait for yarn to arrive and a trip to the post office to return to incorrect yarn.

So the correct yarn arrives. Whoop whoop. Hooks out and on I get with the crochet. Alas the delays were just too long and the shawl didn’t make it to Little Prince’s christening.

The hook went down for a while and having picked it back up and made it to the point of starting the border I logged back on to the internet to find the pattern page has expired. Arghhhhhhhh.  Looks like I’ll be trying to work it out from scratch.

If only I had supported an indi designer and picked and payed for a pattern I could keep.

Big Sis is Winning the Race


Our Elijah knit-a-long slowed to a snails pace while I have been putting in some extra hours at work and some extra DIY hours at home. Yesterday came the news that the Elijah my sister is knitting would have a new owner very soon. Frantic WhatsApp messages about short rows and upside down ears followed while I was watching Spectre.  This morning along came this picture, nearly done and along came a bouncing baby girl.  Now time to get my finger out and get the Elijah on my needles finished.

Elijah Knit-a-Long

Winter is coming. The click clack of the lesser spotted Cosmo can be heard from the sofa. An Elijah is growing from the needles again. Another squishy baby is bundled up with a stalk waiting to be delivered to a dear friend.

[Leaving the David Attenborough voice behind]. This time Elijah is a knit-a-long. My sister has chosen to attempt an Elijah as her first knitting project in 20 years so that another delivery from a stalk can have a very personal gift. I set her about learning the new stitches she didn’t know and having cast on the head with that crazy cast on last weekend for her, she has knit the head and I have stitched eyes and attached the body. This is not just a knit along, it’s a knit together. I am doing the more fiddly bits for her this time so Elijah is grown in time for the new arrival. I’m just slightly ahead of her on my Elijah with a complete body so Elijah looks a little like a weeble except he can’t stay up rather than can’t fall over.

Now if I can find a way to weigh Elijah down in a baby friendly manner to make him a little weeble like [sits up nicely] that would be another Cosmo modification to this lovely pattern.

Horror of the journey from Middle England

Oh the horror! 100 miles from Middle England on our way to the land of pirates [Cornwall] it became apparent that I had left something important at home.  Agatha, how could I have left Agatha at home? Having spent the last few weeks looking at her longingly and sitting on my hands, just so I would have her to work on during our holiday, I had left my beloved Agatha at home. Horrible Husband supported by his matriarchal mother refused to turn back (in their posits I would have done the same).

Being one to turn a negative into a positive, this horrendous error led to a trip to a Wadebridge based local yarn store. While at Helen Sandersons Wooly Empire I purchased a ball of King Cole Zig-Zag New in poncho. Purples, blues, reds and greens self striping sock yarn.  The choice of needles was a little disappointing and I ended up buying a set of 3mm dpns (I need these like a hole in the head) when I had wanted nice long 2.5mm cable needles to knit a pair of socks magic loop stylie.

So the second wip on the needles is one basic ribbed sock for Horrible Husband. Let’s hope the Piskies leave my second sock alone and their mischief doesn’t bring me second sock syndrome.