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The Sewing Café

Off the knitting theme but still on crafts, will you forgive me?

Last Saturday, two of my friends and I embarked on an adventure, an adventure in sewing.  I’m not completely new to sewing; I learned very basic machine skills at school and even managed to throw together some costumes very roughly for a ‘freakers’ party at university (the less said about that the better I think).  Now comes the time that I learn this skill properly.  I’m all about doing things properly at the moment.  I wonder if this is something that comes with age?

Back at Christmas time, we booked a class at The Sewing Café for very beginners.  The Sewing Café façade hides a treasure trove of beautiful fabrics and hidden at the back is a small workshop with a number of sewing machines available for hire.  This is the café part of The Sewing Café – think of it a little like an internet café (do they still exist?) and not the type of café where you can order a latté.

The reception was warm and after being ushered to the workshop we were asked to choose two fabrics from the shop.  This really was the hard part; how do you choose just two from all that they stock with their bright, pastel and monochrome colours and the massive array of patterns.  Aiming for something that matched one of our rooms at home I chose a printed brown and pink and a darker plain brown fabric.  Boring in comparison to the multi-coloured deckchair stripes one friend chose.  Tea and biscuits were supplied

Armed with our fat quarters we were talked through the process of cutting the pattern and the fabric.  We were then very patiently taught to thread the machine and how it works.  After some time practicing on scrap fabric, and the a tiny bit of ironing we put the real fabric into the machine with some trepidation.  Working much slower than on the scrap material a hush fell across the room as we all concentrated.  A few corrections needed but ta-dah … we made something that resembled a cushion that doesn’t look like a five year old made it.  Much of this success is down to The Sewing Café for their patient instruction.  A big thanks from me to you.

As a result I now have a sewing bug and I’m dreaming of making my own clothes being slightly smaller than the average person, wouldn’t it be brilliant to whip up custom fit clothes when I couldn’t find anything to buy in the shops that fits.  Note to self – learn to walk before you can run!