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Finished Object: Latte Baby Coat

This is the first of two wee cardies I’ve knit for Baby.  No soft pastel colours here, just dark green.  Everything else we’ve been given has been pale in colour and not surprisingly babyish so I thought something more grown up was called for.

  • The pattern: Latte Baby Coat 
  • The designer: Lisa Chemery
  • The yarn: Stylecraft Special Chunky in Khaki

That’s right, I’ve put the yarn snob in me aside for the practicality of acrylic for this one. Stylecraft Special is such good value and easy to get hold of so why not.  The pattern is great, well written and easy to interpret.  I might have made a minor mistake in the woven basket stitch section but boy is it a nightmare to fix when you do so I’ve left it in and fortunately it’s not really noticeable.  Pay attention, close attention if you take this on when you get to the woven basket stitch if you don’t want to repeat my mistake.


Another hat in record time

This little beauty was knit in the space of less than 24 hours and is already packed and ready to take to the hospital with us.  The thought of the trip to the hospital is filling me with dread but kind of inevitable.  Well not kind of, it is inevitable.  There’s no getting out of getting baby out.  I’m keeping myself busy with my needles and hoping nesting kicks in soon.

The pattern: Little Boy Blue Ribbed Hat (can be found through Ravelry)

My adjustments: I used Stylecraft Special DK rather than an Aran weight so increased the stitch count by eight and decreased as suggested by the pattern resulting in 12 stitches at the last round.

Agatha begins….


I have started my first ‘big project’.  My first real adult cardigan.  Cropped, to suit my vertically challenged stature.  All 5 foot of me struggles with standard lengths and I’m not confident that I could adjust a pattern appropriately to fit.  I have carefully selected Agatha as the pattern. It avoids significant seaming and has pretty lace patterns that should keep me entertained. I’m not working too hard on it at the moment as I hope to take it on holiday with me, along with another project that is yet to be chosen following a yarn donation from MIL (more on this another time).

WIP …. erm more like FO!

I had planned on this being my first work in progress post however in the lull in festivities between Christmas and New Year and the daily walks on the fields aorund our village, I’ve had itchy fingers.  I got the hang of the italian tubular cast on and cast on the 132 stiches for a Hermione Hearts Ron hat and ta-dah, one finished Hermione Hearts Ron hat.  (Does it still as a WIP because it needs blocking? I’m still working out how to block a hat).

P1010857 (800x600)

I had to substitute the yarn because The Fibre Company Road to China Light isn’t readily available in my neck of the woods.  I settled on a Debbie Bliss yarn called Baby Cashmerino in clotted cream so the hat would go well with my nice new coat that Santa brought.  My gauge swatch (yes, I knit a gauge swatch) was the correct height but too narrow … weird.  With the help of some Ravelers I settled to use bigger needles and get on with it.

The hat has knit up beautifully.  I would make two improvements if I were to remake it, casting on with smaller needles to keep the cast-on edge neat, and adding another four rounds of ribbing because my earlobes don’t quite make it under the hat and I’m not one for getting cold ears 🙂

 P1010871 - Copy (600x800)What do you think?

Pattern release: The Dragon’s Tale

This is great. Perfect for my friends dragon mad daughter and I should pick up some new skills along the way.

little house on the hill


I’m going to release a dragon into the wild tonight!

I’m really chuffed by The Dragon’s Tale as I had to step right out of my comfort zone to make it, and would have been thoroughly lost if it hadn’t been for a number of very kind helping hands. (Thank you Catnach, Sandra8981, Madquilter, Alpacaspinner, and the whole group of testers..)

I’ve been quietly in love with this stitch pattern ever since I first saw it. I spent several hours just looking at its construction, and I’m honestly in awe of it. Apart from its sheer rippling beauty, the amount of experience and understanding that went into working out where to place the increases and decreases to get the scales to lean and flow as they do is quite remarkable. My sincere respect to Marjorie Bialkowski for either creating it, or passing it on to the wonderful Barbara Walker.



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Elijah … an obsession for babies

Elijah for G

This has to be my favourite patterns for tiny new babies.  The pattern for Elijah by Ysolda Teague has been in my Ravelry library for a few of years now and boy is it well used.  I vowed that every new baby I know would get a hand made present and that has well and truely developed into an Elijah obsession.  There has been such a big stork migration across my part of the UK recently; I can’t remember the last time that I didn’t have an Elijah on the needles.

I make each and every Elijah unique, usually by using different yarns because adding clothes or accessories somehow seems to take away some of his charms.   I have made some minor adjustments to this pattern and have started to drop some short rows into the back of Elijahs trunk to create a curve without the need for a pipe cleaner that some knitters have.  The pictures are of some of the earliest so don’t have a picture of one with a curved trunk but I think it really adds to the pattern.

Elijah for H

The pattern is knit in the round and the first time I made him, it  was only my second attempt at in the round knitting and introduced me to some knew techniques when I was quite green in the knitting experience stakes like magic loop cast on and grafting that I’m sure I’ll post about later.

For softies that will hopefully be well loved, I usually use an nylon acrylic mix yarn.  The greeny Elijah below was made from Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic DK (cotton wool mix) which didn’t give as defined a shape as the nylon/acrylic.  Flat colours look great on Elijah but as you can see I have experimented with yarns like Sidar  Snuggly Crofter which is a Fair Isle effect dk.  I’ve got Sidar Snuggly Peekaboo dk on the go at the moment which gives a speckley result.  I can vouch for the hardiness of these yarns – an Elijah made out of Crofter can stand up to being slept on every night for nearly three years.   He’s a little flatter than before but still in one piece.  (I really want to let out a little squeal every time I see flat Elijah because I know how well loved he is).  The first thing babies seem to do with Elijahs is suck his trunk and they seem to survive that too.


Christmas Table Stockings

P1010829So the project on my needles at the moment is a Christmas pattern that my MIL found in LandScape magazine.  I’ve only got a paper copy of this so for future reference it’s in my knitting file.  The pattern is called Table Stockings but these are no ordinary stockings, these are cutlery holders that should look really cute on the Christmas dinner table.

Made with Rowan Pure Wool DK in Kiss and Snow, they’re ever so soft and have plenty of give so should fit all the necessary cutlery in.

I’m not the fastest knitter but I can get through one of these in a few hours so it’s a good pattern for instant gratification.  I’m four stockings down and four to go.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a better picture when I’ve got a few more done.