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Finished Object Friday

Ta dah. Baby has his first hand knit hat. The pattern came right out of my head (brave), used stashed yarn and I think it’ll be just perfect. I hope I’ll get round to writing the pattern up when I’ve done some playing around with sizing and striping options as I couldn’t find a pattern for a simple hat that used the helical striping technique.


Past the finishing line

Well I wouldn’t give myself an Olympic gold for this but I think I’ve beaten a Cosmo personal best.  17 days from casting on to grafting that last little ear.  The stalk has dropped of his penultimate package of the year so no more elephant knitting for me and Baby D will have her Elijah very very soon.

Time to move on and get on to knitting for my own little package who should join us in mid October if the stalks pocket watch is keeping time well.  Now I must get on with washing the baby clothes before I get lost in Ravlery again.

Another Elijah off of the needles


I’m so far behind with my Elijah‘s, I’ve only just managed to finish this one and then there’s one more to go before I can start knitting for my mini monkey. T minus 11 weeks until he arrives so I really need to get a move on don’t I!

So while casting on another Elijah (obsession becomes Groundhog Day) I’ve made a yarn and pattern purchase.  Chunky Special by Stylecraft (I seem to be a bit of a convert to this yarn and despite my yarnsnob tendencies preferring to work in natural fibre, I’m planning on making mini monkey a latte baby coat.  This won’t be for contact with skin and should wash well.  Yes yes, I know I promised you an ombre blanket,  I’ve not forgot – just slightly distracted.

At last a pair of socks


So there you have it, my first pair of sock.  At a rate of one sock per month I think its highly unlikely I’ll be embarking on a second pair any time soon.

Hunky husband has already managed to wear said pair of socks despite protesting during the knitting process that they were scratchy and they’ve just maid it through the wash and onto the line just in time for the heavens above Middle England to open and soak me to the skin.


Now I can get back to Agatha and start to select a yarn for another Elijah as my friend has announced another little bouncing baby is on the way.

Another Finished Object, Another Elijah


Elijah is finished, just in time for the arrival of Baby Button FJ (yes, it took a few days because Mummy and Daddy couldn’t agree but he now has a name).  I delivered Elijah to Baby FJ on Sunday and got my first squishy cuddle from him.  I’m hoping to get lots more of them.

Immediately Daddy compared Baby FJ’s Elijah to Little H’s.  FJ’s is larger despite the same needle size and very similar yarn so my knitting must have relaxed somewhat over the last three years.  Daddy noticed my pattern alterations and approved of the curvature of the trunk that I have added.  Mummy placed Elijah into the Moses basket.  If baby FJ loves Elijah nearly as much as Little H, I will be really pleased.

So I don’t have anything on my needles at the moment.  I’ve got so many ideas I can’t decide what to do next.  My Elijah obsession might need to take a holiday – there aren’t any babies on the way.  Then again, I could just make one for stock!

Ravelry notes here

Finally Finished

P1020127 (600x800) P1020126 (800x600)

A crocheted blanket, even a baby blanket should be regarded as a marathon and not a sprint, especially if you can’t dedicate every waking minute to it.  Crochet is definitely quicker than knitting a blanket but it still takes time and hooking fatigue can set in quickly.  I was plagued with a sore right hand for the first part of this project but that’s probably due to my lack of crochet experience.

Things I will do different next time I crochet or knit a blanket:

  • Give myself much more time so it doesn’t feel like a looming deadline
  • Keep a second project on the go to keep my interest (I’m not really one for having lots of WIPs)
  • Remember that the Elijah WIP in the knitting box also has a baby to look after soon (Baby Buttons Mummy thought she had gone into labour at my house at the weekend and all I could think was that Elijah doesn’t have arms or ears yet!)

So onto the main point of this post … the blanket for Baby S is a finished object. [Party poppers and cheers going up]

  • Pattern: Attic24’s Interlocking Neat Ripple
  • Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK (acrylic)
  • Colourway: Rainbow (See my Ravelry project page for full details)
  • Total Length of yarn: 1,575 meters
  • 112x79cm

I’m loving this colour section:P1020123 (800x600)And I would alter this colour section next time to have a better graduation at least between the shrimp and the raspberry:

P1020124 (800x600)

The Sewing Café

Off the knitting theme but still on crafts, will you forgive me?

Last Saturday, two of my friends and I embarked on an adventure, an adventure in sewing.  I’m not completely new to sewing; I learned very basic machine skills at school and even managed to throw together some costumes very roughly for a ‘freakers’ party at university (the less said about that the better I think).  Now comes the time that I learn this skill properly.  I’m all about doing things properly at the moment.  I wonder if this is something that comes with age?

Back at Christmas time, we booked a class at The Sewing Café for very beginners.  The Sewing Café façade hides a treasure trove of beautiful fabrics and hidden at the back is a small workshop with a number of sewing machines available for hire.  This is the café part of The Sewing Café – think of it a little like an internet café (do they still exist?) and not the type of café where you can order a latté.

The reception was warm and after being ushered to the workshop we were asked to choose two fabrics from the shop.  This really was the hard part; how do you choose just two from all that they stock with their bright, pastel and monochrome colours and the massive array of patterns.  Aiming for something that matched one of our rooms at home I chose a printed brown and pink and a darker plain brown fabric.  Boring in comparison to the multi-coloured deckchair stripes one friend chose.  Tea and biscuits were supplied

Armed with our fat quarters we were talked through the process of cutting the pattern and the fabric.  We were then very patiently taught to thread the machine and how it works.  After some time practicing on scrap fabric, and the a tiny bit of ironing we put the real fabric into the machine with some trepidation.  Working much slower than on the scrap material a hush fell across the room as we all concentrated.  A few corrections needed but ta-dah … we made something that resembled a cushion that doesn’t look like a five year old made it.  Much of this success is down to The Sewing Café for their patient instruction.  A big thanks from me to you.

As a result I now have a sewing bug and I’m dreaming of making my own clothes being slightly smaller than the average person, wouldn’t it be brilliant to whip up custom fit clothes when I couldn’t find anything to buy in the shops that fits.  Note to self – learn to walk before you can run!