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If ever you need a reason to buy your patterns…

Little Prince was being christened. Cosmo set about making a christening shawl. The world conspired against Cosmo. Christening shawl didn’t make it to the christening and then it gets worse.

So this is probably my most frustrating project ever. I picked a pattern from the internet for Little Prince’s christening shawl. A free pattern but not because it was free, because it was my favourite (and crochet because of the time pressure).

My first fail was to order the yarn from a web store. I did this because getting to a local yarn store was difficult with Little Prince being tiny. Unfortunately and unusually for a delivery from Wool Warehouse, the yarn took quite a while to arrive and when it did arrive, it was it the colour I ordered. Queue another wait for yarn to arrive and a trip to the post office to return to incorrect yarn.

So the correct yarn arrives. Whoop whoop. Hooks out and on I get with the crochet. Alas the delays were just too long and the shawl didn’t make it to Little Prince’s christening.

The hook went down for a while and having picked it back up and made it to the point of starting the border I logged back on to the internet to find the pattern page has expired. Arghhhhhhhh.  Looks like I’ll be trying to work it out from scratch.

If only I had supported an indi designer and picked and payed for a pattern I could keep.


Finally Finished

P1020127 (600x800) P1020126 (800x600)

A crocheted blanket, even a baby blanket should be regarded as a marathon and not a sprint, especially if you can’t dedicate every waking minute to it.  Crochet is definitely quicker than knitting a blanket but it still takes time and hooking fatigue can set in quickly.  I was plagued with a sore right hand for the first part of this project but that’s probably due to my lack of crochet experience.

Things I will do different next time I crochet or knit a blanket:

  • Give myself much more time so it doesn’t feel like a looming deadline
  • Keep a second project on the go to keep my interest (I’m not really one for having lots of WIPs)
  • Remember that the Elijah WIP in the knitting box also has a baby to look after soon (Baby Buttons Mummy thought she had gone into labour at my house at the weekend and all I could think was that Elijah doesn’t have arms or ears yet!)

So onto the main point of this post … the blanket for Baby S is a finished object. [Party poppers and cheers going up]

  • Pattern: Attic24’s Interlocking Neat Ripple
  • Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK (acrylic)
  • Colourway: Rainbow (See my Ravelry project page for full details)
  • Total Length of yarn: 1,575 meters
  • 112x79cm

I’m loving this colour section:P1020123 (800x600)And I would alter this colour section next time to have a better graduation at least between the shrimp and the raspberry:

P1020124 (800x600)

Progress for Baby S

 P1020112 (800x600)

The blanket I am making for Baby S is coming along nicely (I’ve had a week off work so I’ve had plenty of time to hook).  The Neat Ripple Pattern has developed into an interlocking ripple which I think I prefer for it’s mesmerising waves.

The Stylecraft Special DK acrylic yarn is by far the best acrylic I have ever used.  It’s soft, not sticky and doesn’t leave my hands feeling funny.  I think it will become my go to acrylic when projects require it.

I’m loving the blue and green combinations but the clematis/raspberry/shrimp combination isn’t really to my liking. Although I’m going to keep going with this, if I were to repeat the blanket, I would spend a bit of time getting the colour combination on this side of the colour wheel a little less jarring. Any suggestions on which colour to add or change to would be gratefully recieved.

Blanket inspiration for Baby S

So I’ve been dreaming of crocheted blankets for the beds in our house.  I thought it best to make a baby blanket first so I would know what I’m letting myself in for.  There are so many options out there with over 13000 patterns in Ravelry for ‘baby blanket’ it’s almost an impossible task to choose so I have gone with the option with most projects … Attic24’s Neat Ripple Pattern.

Colour wise the options are endless.  There are endless colour combinations; just look at some of the combinations I’ve pinned.  The recommended Stylecraft Special yarn makes anything possible thanks to it’s 60 something colour options.

When I bought the yarn, I didn’t know Baby S was a boy so I opted for a rainbow combination and literally chose the best colour combination my local yarn store had in stock and this is what I came up with. 

A week of alternative crafts

I have been neglecting my knitting of late.  Spring is in the air, my tiny crocus field is in full bloom, opening their little petals when the sun shines.  The jungle has taken priority and the first seeds are now sown, the potatoes are chitting and the compost heaps have had their first turn of the season.  I’m feeling quite productive on the jungle front but less so on the knitting front this week… in fact, I haven’t actually touched a knitting needle.

In a few spare minutes, I have been trying my hand at crochet again.  Have I told you how bad I am at crochet?  I have been thinking about matching blankets for our bedrooms following a particularly chilly night where the blanket from the liveing room migrated to the bed.  I have settled on an Attic24 pattern for the first so I gave the pattern a try.  Getting the foundation chain sorted has not been easy.  It always seems too tight or too loose.  Some of the problem could be the horrible acrylic yarn that has been donated over the years.  Next stop the local yarn shop for some Stylecraft Special DK as recommended by Lucy at Attic24.


In other news, I have also tried my hand at sewing, and look what I made!  Proud as punch.  More on this later – our local sewing shop deserves it’s own shout out.

P1020088 (800x600) P1020087 (800x600)