Back in Action

Yarn work at Cosmo Castle has been on the back burner for a while. Firstly there was the arrival of Little Prince, who is now nearly very nearly at his 6 month birthday (how on earth did that happen) and then there was De Quervain syndrome.  “De Querwhat syndrome?” I hear you ask. I had to ask twice too but I knew I had it, it was really really really painful times.  Basically a tendon injury in the wrist resulting in physiotherapy, being strapped in a wrist brace and a promise not to knit.  The horror, I actually had to promise not to knit.  I might have done a little clandestine crochet but don’t tell my physiotherapist that.  Anyhow I’m back in action, still in a little pain but regaining movement in my wrist and trying to get back to normal. I’ve  got a crochet Christening shawl to finish then the needles are back out.

The Jungle at Cosmo Castle is blooming nicely, the first early potatoes are in, and a hole has been made for Granny’s greenhouse to be erected.  The excitement of the first asparagus spears poking their noses through the soil happened at the weekend. Spring is definitely hear. The crocus season came and went in February (blooming for Big Sister’s birthday this year), so I’ll leave you with some shots of the flowers in the garden today.


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