Monkey Pattern Review

So as promised, here is my totally unsolicited review of Monkey (boy) by Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits. There can’t be many knitters online who haven’t come across Julie’s super cute creations; the little cotton rabbits are joined  by a whole menagerie of animals from bears, to cats and through to monkeys. The principle is simple with each animal coming in a male and a female pattern, with only the animals shoes and clothing differing.  Each species follows a similar body pattern with changes in the head pattern being the main distinguishing feature. This creates a cohesive brand of patterns that make Julie and her LCR patterns famous.

The whole series of LCR patterns are knit flat and seamed which is a world away from the seamless knit in round Elijah (Ysolda Teige pattern) that is ubiquitously found here at Cosmo Castle.

Now this pattern is by far the longest I have ever come across. [I might be exaggerating just a little but] it gives a Sunday broadsheet a run for it’s money in number of pages. Considering the pattern is for a relatively small softie this initially seems a little excessive but on following the pattern I can see the benefit in much of the wonderful detail Julie includes. Julie even gives guidance on how much of a yarn tail to leave to seam with.  Typically I left extra just in case buy it really wasn’t needed.

For Monkey, there are 12 separate pieces to knit. This means you can achieve something in a short space of time giving you an instant gratification fix very quickly. Something that pleases me greatly.

On the head, there is some slightly oddly placed pearl stitches in the stockinette, that is until you realise they are placement markers for attaching other pieces. Ingenious! They aren’t visible after the ears and muzzle are attached.

Instructions are included for the clothing, with two different methods for the colourwork on the jumper so if you’re not familiar with colourwork you have a choice.

Overall, this pattern is seriously well written. If you don’t mind doing the seaming (which does by the way take forever so do what you can as you go along would be my advice) it is a relatively easy pattern to dabble in a little intarsia and colourwork. If you are a more experienced knitter, the pattern makes a quick and easy softie that is super cute.


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