Sock heels

So my failure to get the first heel turn right got me to thinking about different types of sock heels.  I follow a blog in which the afterthought heel gets referred to regularly and I had no idea what that was when it was at home so I had a look around and found a Pinterest pin (promise I’ll put the pin in here properly when I get to a computer – my mobile I.T. skills are letting me down).

Sock heel variations
Warning – this pin links to a blog but the actual source is ravelry notes.  It’s not all in English but I liked it anyway.  It’s a wonderful way to display different types of heels.

I also found a Crafty course that looks at heels and toe variations which I might be interested in if I thought I was going to be an avid sock knitter, but I don’t think there’s much danger of that so it’s probably not a good use of my hard earned pennies.

Update on the sock saga…just the toe to go on sock 2. Do you think I’ll get away with two slightly different heels or will I end up knitting sock number 3?


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