Serious Second Sock Syndrome

Should it suprise me that I’m working at glacial pace on this pair of socks? Probably not.  So I started them in June and I’m only just turning the second heel!!!  Even worse, I’ve just realised that I’ve turned the first one incorrectly. I knew it looked wrong somehow.  If they weren’t destined for my husband they would be going to the great lily pond in the sky.

 I’m easily distracted when the knitting doesn’t involve much brain power, and I’ve had lots of distractions recently.  We’ll this is my excuse anyway…

I’ve learned to surf! Yes, I took my 34 year old bones surfing and even managed to catch a wave and stand on the board for more than a second or two.

Cosmo Castle has become DIY Central with a new wc on the way.  What should have been a little job to replace a toilet has become a complete overhaul, including new floor tiles that Handy Husband is figuring how to lay.  I’m keeping the fact that I’ve laid a tile floor in a previous life. Naughty I know but he has to learn.

And let me introduce you to my final excuse.  Meet Joan and Roy. They are both hens – Roy doesn’t realise that she has a boys name and I’m not intending to tell her.  I’ve been spending a lot of time supervising these two at the bottom of the garden, trying to grow vegetables while these two dig them up.


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