Horror of the journey from Middle England

Oh the horror! 100 miles from Middle England on our way to the land of pirates [Cornwall] it became apparent that I had left something important at home.  Agatha, how could I have left Agatha at home? Having spent the last few weeks looking at her longingly and sitting on my hands, just so I would have her to work on during our holiday, I had left my beloved Agatha at home. Horrible Husband supported by his matriarchal mother refused to turn back (in their posits I would have done the same).

Being one to turn a negative into a positive, this horrendous error led to a trip to a Wadebridge based local yarn store. While at Helen Sandersons Wooly Empire I purchased a ball of King Cole Zig-Zag New in poncho. Purples, blues, reds and greens self striping sock yarn.  The choice of needles was a little disappointing and I ended up buying a set of 3mm dpns (I need these like a hole in the head) when I had wanted nice long 2.5mm cable needles to knit a pair of socks magic loop stylie.

So the second wip on the needles is one basic ribbed sock for Horrible Husband. Let’s hope the Piskies leave my second sock alone and their mischief doesn’t bring me second sock syndrome.


2 thoughts on “Horror of the journey from Middle England

  1. I love the way you write. Perfect. I’ve been where you are and ended up with yet another project on the go. Suffice to say, I won’t be knitting any more socks, any time soon.


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