Finally Finished

P1020127 (600x800) P1020126 (800x600)

A crocheted blanket, even a baby blanket should be regarded as a marathon and not a sprint, especially if you can’t dedicate every waking minute to it.  Crochet is definitely quicker than knitting a blanket but it still takes time and hooking fatigue can set in quickly.  I was plagued with a sore right hand for the first part of this project but that’s probably due to my lack of crochet experience.

Things I will do different next time I crochet or knit a blanket:

  • Give myself much more time so it doesn’t feel like a looming deadline
  • Keep a second project on the go to keep my interest (I’m not really one for having lots of WIPs)
  • Remember that the Elijah WIP in the knitting box also has a baby to look after soon (Baby Buttons Mummy thought she had gone into labour at my house at the weekend and all I could think was that Elijah doesn’t have arms or ears yet!)

So onto the main point of this post … the blanket for Baby S is a finished object. [Party poppers and cheers going up]

  • Pattern: Attic24’s Interlocking Neat Ripple
  • Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK (acrylic)
  • Colourway: Rainbow (See my Ravelry project page for full details)
  • Total Length of yarn: 1,575 meters
  • 112x79cm

I’m loving this colour section:P1020123 (800x600)And I would alter this colour section next time to have a better graduation at least between the shrimp and the raspberry:

P1020124 (800x600)


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