Progress for Baby S

 P1020112 (800x600)

The blanket I am making for Baby S is coming along nicely (I’ve had a week off work so I’ve had plenty of time to hook).  The Neat Ripple Pattern has developed into an interlocking ripple which I think I prefer for it’s mesmerising waves.

The Stylecraft Special DK acrylic yarn is by far the best acrylic I have ever used.  It’s soft, not sticky and doesn’t leave my hands feeling funny.  I think it will become my go to acrylic when projects require it.

I’m loving the blue and green combinations but the clematis/raspberry/shrimp combination isn’t really to my liking. Although I’m going to keep going with this, if I were to repeat the blanket, I would spend a bit of time getting the colour combination on this side of the colour wheel a little less jarring. Any suggestions on which colour to add or change to would be gratefully recieved.


2 thoughts on “Progress for Baby S

  1. It’s looking beautiful! I love the stripes being different widths – I always do that too. I can see what you mean about those colours. The clematis jars slightly but I think it’ll be lost in the beauty of the blanket as a whole. I love the raspberry/shrimp/yellow section.


    1. Thanks. The interlocking pattern makes such a big difference to the overall look of the blanket. I’m just on the last rounds now so nearly time for a finished object post 🙂

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