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A trip to the Warner Bros Studio Tour

As I stood in line before the Warner Bros Studio Tour (The making of Harry Potter) surrounded by a thousand tiny wizards and witches wearing cloaks and spectacles, quidditch t-shirts and carrying the odd broom, waiting to peer into the cupboard under the stairs I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself.  Even though I’m an adult, I can still dress up for trips like this and the rest of the muggle adults wouldn’t even realised I’m wearing Harry Potter themed clothing.  My Hermione Hearts Ron hat is keeping my head warm as well as making feel like a 10 year old again.

In the mean time, I’m putting some of these self-knitting needles on my Christmas list. That’ll cut the work down on the occasional afgan!

PS.  If you’ve seen the Harry Potter films it’s well worth a visit and it’s probably still very interesting even if you haven’t.


One working blog = one happy Cosmo


I received two ‘orders’ for Hermione Hearts Ron hats from my sisters when they saw me wearing mine.  Big sister has even been to here local yarn shop (with me in tow) to choose her yarn!

This means that I’ve had the chance to try out my blog for it’s original purpose of finding the things again (see my about page).  I’m so pleased that it works; I found my Italian tubular cast on I blogged about at Christmas time really easily and cast on another HHR hat without spending ages looking for the tutorial I used last time.

Big smiles from me.

A Bonnet for Button

Another instant gratification pattern: Lilacs for Lila.  I have cast on and finished this bonnet for Baby Button  (Ravelry notes are here) , my friends little miracle baby.  It’s taken just a few of hours even at my slow pace.  Who knows if Baby Button will be a Martha or an Arthur (we have to wait until May to find that out) but Mummy was hinting that if Baby B is a girl, she’ll need some hats in pink so ta-dah, one pink hat.

.IMG_20150201_135807 (800x800)

P.S. I solved the mystery of the missing needle … it was discovered neatly tucked behind the hair bobble holding my ponytail!