Applied/Attached I-Cord Edge

I’m just finishing a babies bonnet (Lilacs for Lila).  There seems to be three ways Ravelers are adding ties to this bonnet:

  1. Ribbon
  2. I-cord tied attached to the chin
  3. I-cord for one tie, followed by attached i-cord around the neck of the bonnet then i-cord for the second tie

Looking at the edge of the bonnet, it’s a little untidy so it’s an applied i-cord for me and another new technique.  I can’t quite believe how many slightly different techniques there are to add an applied i-cord to an edge.  I started by looking at The Purl Bee tutorial and after a few false starts I got going.  Checking my work it looks like I’ve put the i-cord on the wrong way round (oops) but I quite like the little bumps on the outside as it adds a little interest.  Another oops by the way is that I’ve lost a needle while doing this … how does a knitting needle disappear into thin air when you haven’t moved from the sofa for more than an hour???

There’s plenty of videos available demonstrating how to do this.  A nice clear one is from Berroco Yarn  


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