Pesky Knit Stitches

P1010891 (800x600)The baby kimono is off the needles and waiting for seaming.  I say this with mixed emotions.  Amazing; I’ve finished a baby cardigan.  Frustrating; there are pesky knit stitches where there should be stockinette the countless times I’ve ripped it back to fix mistakes.

This was my first garment other than hats and scarves (of which I could have clothed an army in) and also my new year ‘knit mindlessly’ project.  Big mistake, not on the first garment or pattern front but on a knitting mindlessly perspective. It is like the pattern was saying to me ‘don’t think of me as mindless or I’ll bite you on the bum’ and it has done just that.

Time to turn this into a positive.  I might not gift this to a baby because of the mistake I will use this as a piece to practice new seaming techniques on and I will try blocking it (I still haven’t blocked the Hermione Hearts Ron hat) coming up.


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