A helping hand to find a substitute yarn

How many times have you bought or downloaded a knitting or crochet pattern only to find you can’t put your hands on the recommended yarn or it’s simply to expensive to justify using?  For me, the answer to that question is nearly every time.

I spend hour upon hour trying to choose yarn, sometimes successfully and sometime not.  So much depends on the gauge, drape, texture, fiber content that buying yarn online is a particular mine field.

Sound familiar?  Well if you haven’t been introduced to Yarnsub yet, let me introduce you.  Not only does the Yarnsub website give information about substituting, it’s yarn database gives alternatives for the yarn searched for and explains how close a match the substitute yarn is.  The database contains all the major brands and many others so your sure to find a good match.

Think of all those extra hours I’ll now have to knit or crochet?



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