Casting on more stiches in the middle of your work

I’m working on a project that requires me to cast on additional stitches at the end of a row part way through the work.  I’ve done this a few times before with a small number of stitches in ‘my way’.  I’ve never been quite happy with the result so I thought I’d a have a look at different ways to do it, especially as I’m casting on an extra twenty something stitches and not just a few.

‘My way’ of casting on stitches turns out to be the backward loop method.  Stretchy and not very stable or robust.  I can vouch for this.  Good for a few stitches but any more than this and it has never really worked.

There appears to be two other ways; knitting on (now why didn’t I think of doing this) or the cable cast on.  The best video that explains all three techniques that I found is from  It explains says that cable cast on is the most robust and good for things like button holes so I guess knitting on is somewhere in the middle.

So for my current project (Baby Kimono by Elizabeth Jarvis) I’ve chosen to go with the knitting on method.  It should match the rest of the work quite well and be robust but stretchy enough to be comfortable for whichever baby it gets gifted to.  More on this later.


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