Italian Tubular Cast On

I like to think I choose patterns that will enable me to learn a new skill or trick but maybe I’m just a sucker for punishment! One lovely new pattern chosen (a hat to go with the coat I am receiving as a Christmas gift from my parents) which requires one new cast on to be learned this time … the Italian tubular cast on.

From reading a little I have learned that this cast on gives a nice ribbed edge and is quite stretchy.  Perfect for a hat, or the cuffs of a jumper.  It’s not dissimilar to the long tail cast on so once I’ve got the hang of it, it should be quite a quick cast on.

The first video I watched made a great explanation of the cast on while casting on with the needles but I simply couldn’t remember the process while being able to count my stitches! I have however found a video that on YouTube by lunaknits that explains the cast on perfectly.  The working yarn always goes over and the tail moves behind the needle like a metronome.  The (non-practising) musician in me likes this explanation.


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