Knitting Lingo and Abbreviations

Raveloop that weird space time continuum flux that seems to happen at odd intervals for an indeterminate amount of time (i.e. the way time flies when looking at Ravelry)

I’m so pleased to see that Raveloop is a recognised phenomenon; I can now confidently tell Hunky* Husband that I am in a Raveloop when he casually asks what I’m up to.  This question usually comes when  I’ve spent an inexplicably long time attached to the laptop or tablet browsing pattens or blogs and might mean one of a number of things including ‘are you spending money?’ or ‘are you up to no good?’.

I’m also really pleased to have found a list of lingo and abbreviations in Ravelry.  I was beginning to go slightly mad trying to work out some of them!

*The adjective to describe hunky husband could change throughout this blog depending on my mood/his behavior.  Hunky is a good place to start.


2 thoughts on “Knitting Lingo and Abbreviations

    1. It is but it has made things a lot clearer. Ravelry is my go to place for patterns. The forums are great. I usually find what I need without needing to post because someone else will have already asked whatever question I have. I’m sure you’ll find it an excellent resource.

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